REFUGEE CAMPS - IRAQI KURDISTAN HUMANITARIAN ACTION #3 THIS MARCH Donation Donate with cryptocurrencies Bitcoin (BTC) Cardano (ADA) Click to copy the wallet adress Delegated to Ethereum (ETH)

Slide Here we are!
You were waiting for it, we're all doing it together.
The 3rd humanitarian action will take place.
These populations’ only fault: their ethnic and/or religious differences. This refugee population now faces a new crisis on top of these armed conflicts: the global fight against COVID-19. In each crisis, may it be military or sanitary, it is the most destitute populations that suffer the most. In addition to growing needs (food, house hold, medicine, …), this pandemic makes it difficult for international and governmental institutions to provide aid.

Together, let’s help the refugee populations of continuous conflicts in Rojava and Kurdistan.

Even a small 5€/$ donation makes the difference, as you have seen in the previous actions. Five euro/dollars was a whole snack pack for a child, or a complete pencil case for school! The impact is real: a smile, an education, and much more. Over more than five years, Southern Kurdistan (Iraq) has welcomed several million refugees. More than a 1 million refugees are today spread over thirty camps across the country. These populations cannot find a stable situation as armed conflicts linger on in the region.

Slide Informations For who ?

Kurdish, Yezidi and Eastern Christian refugees (Assyrians & Chaldeans)
Where ?

For the moment, we have identified the Sharia & Bardarash camps in Southern Kurdistan (now Iraq).
With whom?

I will be accompanied by Gabriel Gauffre a professional photographer and videographer in order to offer you a photo and video content which will match the generosity of your donations, demonstrating our efforts in the field for these at-risk populations.
When will I be there ?

From March 13 to 27, 2021. An intense 2-week mission that we will make you live from day to day.

Slide My approach remains the same Independent

The action does not depend on any organization, structure or entity. It is yours. Your donations, your humanitarian action.

Despite current tensions, they have no influence on our humanitarian actions. No distinction has ever been made, nor will it ever be made. The human being is at the center of our priorities, always.
No hidden expenses

For the last 2 actions, NONE of your donations was used for expenses (plane, driver, salary,...). Humanitarian work is done out of passion and has no financial interest. I'm looking for an associative partner to take care of our expenses such as plane tickets and transportation in the field.

I broadcast my humanitarian actions from beginning to end through different social network channels (photos, videos & lives). Showing you the needs, purchases and distribution.

Do you have an idea for a workshop, an outing, an activity for refugees? Let us know, send me a message. Your donations, your action.

We go directly on location, as close as possible to the needs and the destitute. By making purchases and managing the logistics directly on the spot, your money has a direct impact on the people.

Slide Kurdish refugee camps of Lavrio in Greece July 2020 Arya Jemo Humanitarian 262 Some of the things we accomplished Money gathered Donators 9000€ Countries +20

  • Bought 6 months of food for 500 refugees (2 tons) - Oat, Rice, lentil, ...
  • Bought various material to help the construction of a school for the children
  • A trip to the zoo for the children
  • Swimming pools for the kids during hot summer
  • Medicine and house hold products (+2250 diapers, +300 diapers, +50kg of detergent, ...)
  • Slide Kurdish refugee camps of Lavrio in Greece Dec. 2019 100 Money gathered Donators 3000€ Countries +10 Some of the thing we accomplished

  • Built a school for 50 children (Bought roof, walls, flooring, ...)
  • Movie night for children in the camps
  • Helped to deliver medicines
  • Helped in the organization of a solidarity canteen
  • Bought food and house hold products
  • Slide Yezidis Refugees camps in Kurdistan Dec 2014 Some of the things we accomplished

  • As a secretary of the Association of Yezidis in France at 18 years old
  • Helped to make this humanitarian mission.
  • We provided heaters, house hold product and food to the refugees
  • Contact me